Crystal ball software

crystal ball software

Oracle Crystal Ball ist die führende Spreadsheet-basierte Anwendung für Vorhersagemodellierung, Prognoseerstellung, Simulation und Optimierung. Es bietet. Oracle Crystal Ball Fundamentals. OracleCrystalBall Tour of the Crystal Ball Ribbon and Basic Monte Carlo. Oracle Crystal Ball is the leading spreadsheet-based application for predictive modeling, forecasting, simulation, and optimization. It gives you unparalleled  ‎ Resources · ‎ Oracle Crystal Ball Product · ‎ Oracle Crystal Ball Classroom. Oracle Crystal Ball in 3 Minutes 3: Have Oracle call you. Which Factors are driving results click to enlarge See what variable contribute the most variance Identify cost or schedule risks Calibrate your models to balance the risks and benefit. How to use the Predictor add-in to quickly perform time series forecasting using 8 different methods. Crystal Ball EPM and Risk Analysis in Hyperion Planning. crystal ball software Videos Oracle Crystal Ball In 3 Minutes. Monte Carlo Simulation Calculates multiple scenarios of a spreadsheet model automatically. Portfolio Optimisation in the Oil and Gas Industry. Views Read Edit View history. By registering, you will be able to:. Oracle Crystal Ball Enterprise Performance Management.

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Tour of the Crystal Ball Ribbon and Basic Monte Carlo Simulation Distribution Fitting Uses historical data for defining assumptions. Mining, Oil and Gas - Process Operating Costs with Applications in Mine Planning and Risk Analysis This paper discusses techniques for estimating treatment plant operating costs, including identification of high impact cost areas and expected key cost variations year by year. Mining, Oil and Gas - Portfolio Optimisation applied to Acquisition Evaluation This paper describes some of the lessons learnt in building a portfolio model of petroleum assets. Allows users to track and analyze thousands of possible outcomes; charts are interactive. Contact Information For more information about Oracle's Crystal Ball products, please use the following contact information: Tornado Chart Tool PDF. Crystal Ball and CB Predictor Developer Kits The Crystal Ball and CB Predictor Developer Kits bring complete automation and control to these tools from within a Visual Basic for Applications VBA program or any other language outside of Excel that supports OLE 2 automation. One chart tells the whole story. Sign in Create an account Help. Crystal Ball Quick Reference Card. The emphasis is on flexibility and tailoring the terms to your specific needs. More About TP Company Profile Business Team Alliance Partnerz Our Clients. Consulting Training Services Support Services Download Rate Sheet. Tech Industry Date Added: Time Series Forecasting with CrystalBall Predictor. Oracle Crystal Ball in 3 Minutes 3: Crystal Ball standard edition is the easiest way to perform Monte Carlo simulations in your Excel spreadsheets and models. Contact Us US Sales:

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